NY Reel

NY Reel

Shot in studios across London from a selection of personal and commissioned projects. This was shown at Photoplus in NY and marks a transition that led to the eventual focus on high speed work with and without water.


Directed & Produced by: Maya

Gaffer: Robin Brigham

Studio: Direct Photographic & Simon

D.O.P: Ed Edwards

Camera: Ed Edwards & Mahali Moore

1st assistant - Conor Joyce

2nd assistant - Julie Spencer

Dancers & Models: Angie Porter, Etian Antuche, Travis Clausen-Knight, Josephine McGrail, Emily Spriggs, Patrice Moniz, Simone Schmidt, Dawa Ma, Lizzie Grace Bland, Nyron Levy, Femi Oyewole, Emelie Stenman & Mystic.

Hair and Makeup. Jason Lawrence, Issidora Petrovic, Nina Butkovich-Budden, Michelle Webb, Lauren Kay (formerly Baker)

Styling: Claudia Behnke

Delia Bock - Styling Assistant

Post Production : Maya & Renato Marques

Behind the scenes videographer - Lee Being

Assistants: Silvia Dee, Delia Bock, Julie Spencer, Conor Joyce

Music: “Speak, We’re Listening” by Ryan Taubert

A special thank you to Mark Johnson at Slowmo